Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just A little About Me

Hi everyone! Bernard Terry's my name for those that don't know me, but you can call me BT, my passion is music mixing of all kinds and genre's as long as it's good and positive I'm into it. Ive done gangsta rap, hip hop, pop, dance, country, RnB, gospel, you name it, my goal here is to meet and work with and hopefully help the next top artist achieve their best work, I absolutely love helping artist, producers, up and coming engineers, by sharing my 30 plus years experience working in the studio with great artist nationally and internationally, some of the companies Ive worked with include Tabu Cbs Records, Electra Records, Relativity Records, Sony Records, Arista Records, Mca Records, Motown Records, Interscope Records, Sony Uk, Ichiban Records, Tommy Boy Records, Columbia Records, Loud Bmg Records, Atlantic /Bigbeat Records and so on. Also my goal is to provide you with an economical alternative to typical high ticket mix prices while giving you the competitive sound you need in today's music market, so feel free to contact me if you need what I do for your songs, would love to hear from you, Be blessed!

Audio Mixed And Mastered By Bernard Terry

Services Offered How I Price My Services

So here we are, let me give you some ideai of what I charge for my services To mix records I charge $250.00 per song, and that includes Mastering The song as well and two revisions. You will get four mixed masters as well

1. Main mix
2. Instrumental mix
3. Accappella 
4. Tv or performance mix

This price point is for sessions  up to 64 tracks of vocals 
Higher vocal track counts 65 to 192 tracks cost an additional $150.00
To mix

I can tune the vocals to any degree that you want
Suttle or intense 

I also do pocketing if requested to any degree 
If you have the budget to make a statement of meticulous perfection
I can take your record there no problem and make suggestions on how
To improve what you do have

I can also do custom request mixes as well
Such as stem mixes to any detail that you want 
In case you want someone else to do the final master
And that's fine, everybody has their point of view

To master I charge $50.00 per song from your stereo mix

Select how many mixes you want pull down menu

Things To Check Before You Send Your Files
  1. File Format
  2. Wave files or Aiff files only
  3. make sure each sound is on it’s own track do not combine sounds!
  4. make sure you send me all the files that belong to the session you want mixed,  any thing that you’re not using,  do not send it in the session Please!
  5. If sending ProTool sessions make sure to open the session listen and verify that it is the correct version
  6. Goto file menu save a copy in
  7.  select check box audio
  8. save to desktop, once it’s saved to the desktop compress or zip the folder and send it via my send this file box on the left